Discover premium coffee capsules for your Nespresso®* Original and K-fee® single serve coffee makers! As each system is different, we developed special capsules for each brand so you can keep your preferred brewer. Remember: It’s not the coffee maker, it’s the coffee that makes all the difference in your cup.

The choice is yours

Nespresso®* Original

Espresso | Lungo coffee.

Compatible premium coffee capsules

Fancy some outstanding alternatives for your Nespresso®* Original capsule machine? Give the Mr & Mrs Mill compatible premium aluminium capsules a try! Using carefully selected coffees, and slow, gentle drum roasting like true craft roasters, we created exceptional Espressos and Lungos with the taste, aroma, and crema real coffee gourmets insist on.


Espresso | Lungo | Type Brewed Coffee.

Premium original capsules

K-fee – your system is the unique capsule system featuring the innovative technologies Smart Brew and Duo Pressure. Creating Espressos and Lungos with fantastic crema as well as delicious large cups of Brewed-style coffee. The Mr & Mrs Mill capsules for K-fee are premium original capsules for the K-fee system.

Slow roasting, intense experience

Are you the kind of discerning coffee drinker who cares not only about unique flavour, but also about the origin, selection, and roasting of the coffee beans? Then Mr & Mrs Mill is the perfect brand for you. The coffee experts at Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee roastery set out to find fine coffees from the world’s most important coffee-growing regions in order to offer unique creations that set new quality standards. Discover our special Slow Roast coffee and delight in the pure enjoyment it will bring you.

Our story

Our special roasting process

Icon Our special roasting process

Slow roasting is our way of focusing on an experience-oriented counter-trend to the fast pace of modern life. Our slow and extremely gentle roasting process allows the coffee beans to develop their special character in a unique bouquet of flavour.

Capsule systems

Icon Capsule systems

It doesn’t matter which capsule system you prefer, with Mr & Mrs Mill you will always have top quality coffee with an outstanding taste. Get ready for our unique blends and find your favourite—available for major capsule systems like Nespresso®* Original and K-fee®.

We are specialists

Icon We are specialists

We are specialists who know how to develop our wealth of knowledge of an ancient craft and transform it into high-quality coffees through innovative ideas. From harvesting to processing to packaging—coffee is our passion. And that’s something you’ll be able to taste every day.


Exceptional quality is not just a matter of luck.
Hectic activity is not a recipe for craftsmanship.
And revolutions do not happen overnight.

Our dedication to unique coffees is ground-breaking.
Our slow and extremely gentle roasting process allows exceptional aromas to unfold, resulting in extraordinarily delicious flavour.


Mr & Mrs Mill
Taste the power – of slow